Thursday, 8 September 2016

Special Guest Trevor Dickinson at our September 16 event!

Some huge news today for our upcoming September 16 Amiga themed event - Trevor Dickinson, the head of A-EON Technology will be coming to our event!

Trevor is extremely well known in the Amiga community, and his company A-EON Technology has been responsible for the AmigaOne X1000, AMIStore App Store, Enhancer, Radeon HD, Warp3D Nova, OpenGLES support and many more important developments for NG and Classic Amiga systems. They also own the popular and forum websites.

A-EON Technology in 2016 are busy working on the upcoming AmigaOne X5000, AmigaOne A1222, as well as software like Enhancer Software for Amiga OS4 (recently released) and Amiga OS3, and even Prisma Megamix hardware for Classic Amigas.

It is fantastic news that Trevor is coming to Adelaide and will give a presentation at our event as well!

We really hope that anyone interested in Amiga and NG Amiga can make it along to our September 16 event to meet Trevor and hear about the latest developments on Amiga in 2016! 

See you there!