Sunday, 7 October 2018

ARC Music Event This Friday

Just a quick reminder about this Friday’s Music & Computers event. We like to leave it to our attendees to interpret the theme as they see fit. As long as there’s a retro computer somewhere in the mix, it’s all good!

We’ll also be offering tea and coffee at the event. I’ll be bringing along some Twinings English Breakfast and George will provide instant coffee and an espresso machine (there will be a small fee for espressos, instant is free). Just head over to the kitchen for your caffeine fix (on the left at the end as you enter the hall).

Meanwhile, our ARC social network ecosystem continues to expand. George is now actively posting on the ARC Instagram account. Be sure to check out his videos on classic Sierra and Lucasfilm games. And here's his Apple Lisa booting up!

Also don’t forget that ARC has a Tumblr page and a Youtube channel that we update regularly.

We’ll see you all on Friday!