Saturday, 9 April 2016

Meeting 8 April Report

Thank you to all who attended this meeting in our new venue: Eastwood Community Centre Hall.  Last month we situated ourselves in the meeting room at the back of the Centre which met its maximum capacity of 20 persons.  From now on we will hold ourselves in the main Hall which is quite spacious and has ample room for equipment and floorspace to create a presentation area.

Thank you to those who brought in their equipment: Epsilon (CD-TV), Nathan Butcher (Commodore 64 & Commodore 64 Reloaded), Nathan and James Stanley (Commodore SX-64 & Amstrad Sega PC - wow!), Paul Monopoli (brought his vast collection of Amstrad PC units), Alexis Kotlowy (The other Amstrad CPC6128), Gabriel Suki (Commodore Amiga CD-32), Aron Gooch (Amiga 500 with Raspberry pi sidecars expansion), Tim Koch and myself with the other SX-64.  If you have been missed from this list, we can add you on.  Just send a message to Epsilon or myself.

Two presentations took place.  First at 8:00pm Paul Monopoli from the Retrospekt team presented the  Amstrad range of machinery.

Secondly, Nathan Butcher, at 8:30pm presented the Commodore 64 computer and also discussed the reloaded machine.

Nice to also see some new faces tonight.  I did have a chance to have a chat with you all at some stage.

Our financial position is now at a stage where we are affording the hall hire and food/drinks due to larger turnout numbers.  I was happy to put in my own funds into the group to get it off the ground.  We have achieved that together and we are moving forward putting one foot in front of the other.

Next month we are meeting at the same place, same time and with a new theme.  Stay tuned for details!