Saturday, 9 December 2017

December 2017 Meeting Report, new owners and Farewell

Hi All,

Epsilon here. I have prepared a blog post on my blog covering the December 2017 Adelaide Retro Computing Group meeting, held on December 8. The link is here:

Sadly this was the last meeting with myself, George and Theo as organisers of the Adelaide Retro Computing Group. After 3 years of running the group (for me and George from it's formation in late 2014) we are keen to do other things, although in my case it is mainly for health reasons.

We are handing control of the group over to a new set of organisers, as agreed during the meeting on December 8.

This will be my final post (I assume) on the Adelaide Retro Computing Group website as the owner of the page. I will shortly transfer control to the new owners of the group, and leave it to them to update this website moving forward. I will remain as an admin for as long as I am welcome.

I can say it has been a blast and I have really enjoyed running this website for the group, and organising the events as well for the past 3 years. Meeting so many passionate people at these meetings has been a highlight, and mucking around with some amazing systems all in one place!

I hope the new owners continue the good work begun by myself, George and Theo and keep the momentum going for this group and build on it.

I look forward to attending the events in 2018!

In the meantime, I am still active on my Amiga blog  and Instagram at if you want to follow along.

I will restart my other blogs and other things as my health improves following a big scare last month - this being the main reason for me stepping down from organising the group moving forward.

Farewell for now.